What is #TWTTOGE?

Twttoge is based on the popular internet meme “dogecoin” and is a decentralized meme token project developed by the community that has evolved into a serious privacy and decentralization-focused social media ecosystem. Twttoge is developed based on the Web5 idea of embracing blockchain, digitization, decentralization, and privacy, and is developed using the open-source Nostr protocol.



The Mission

Twttoge strives to be a secure communication tool that upholds human rights. Designed to enable the free flow of information, protect the right to private and secure conversations, and promote individual sovereignty.

The Toge Ecosystem

With Twttoge, you can make money while socializing.


The "Toge" is a decentralized dapp, based on SocialFi, that promotes conscious speech and effective altruism.


Users can earn profits by staking in our high APR pools.

Toge will be a client (application) for messages developed with open-source code on the Nostr protocol, secure and censorship-resistant once and for all. It does not rely on any trustworthy central server, therefore it is resilient; it is based on cryptographic keys and signatures, thus it is inviolable; it does not rely on P2P techniques, and therefore it works.


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TOGE is the true decentralized digital meme cryptocurrency of social networks.

Twttoge is based on the Web5 idea of embracing blockchain, digitization, decentralization, and privacy, and is developed using the Nostr Protocol.

Coin Name


Coin Symbol


Network Name


Initial Token Split

Max Supply - 100%
Burned to date - 35% / 50%
Liquidity pool - 20%
Future Listings on CEX - 10%
Development of TOGE customer application - 10%
Marketing - 5%
Team - 5%

Buy Tax : 0%

Sell Tax : 9%

🔵  0% Goes to Liquidity

🔵  0% Goes to Marketing

🔵  0% Development of the Toge network

🔵  7% Goes to Liquidity

🔵  1% Goes to Marketing

🔵  1% Development of the Toge network

Buy Tax : 0%




🔵  0% Gaes to Liquidity

🔵  0% Gaes to Marketing

🔵  0% Development of the Toge network




Sell Tax : 9%




🔵  7% Gaes to Liquidity

🔵  1% Gaes to Marketing

🔵  1% Development of the Toge network





How to buy $TOGE

TOGE token is available on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in BEP20 (BSC) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit trustwallet.com to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get TrustWallet’s app for iPhone or Android.

Buy BNB through Trust Wallet or transfer it to your Trust Wallet wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

You can currently buy $TOGE on PancakeSwap. Be carefull to use only and only this contract address: 0x854ef5D65e27f590873195A396babeDB77eD8C9D

Enter the amount of $BNB you would like to swap for $TOGE. Click Connect Wallet then Swap.

In order for your transaction to happen quickly and succesfully we recommend you to pay at least the average gas price and set an appropriate slippage tolerance depending on the volatility at the moment of your transaction. Gas prices can be checked on Bscscan.com


The latest network statistics


See wahts waiting for you...

  • Contract development
  • Mini Site Launch ✔ 
  • Toge launch
  • Public Sale Open
  • Website Renewal V2.0
  • Litepaper
  • Social Media Presence
  • Marketing push to spread awareness
  • 5000 telegram members 
  • Meme contests
  • Execute the marketing plan
  • Community Growth
  • Smart Contracts Audits
  • Listing on CMC & Coingecko
  • Develop NFT
  • Launch of NFT
  • TOGE Burning Events
  • listings
  • whitepaper
  • 15000 telegram members
  • New Partnerships
  • 10.000 holders
  • 25.000 telegram members 
  • Develop ecosystem
  • Develop toge Wallet
  • Launch of toge Wallet
  • whitepaper V2.0
  • 25.000 holders
  • 50.000 telegram members  
  • Increase marketing
  • Unlock phase 5
  • Creation of the social network toge



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